Sunday, 2 December 2007


For many years i have wondered what faith is and what to have faith in. I have an above average IQ i know that God did not create the earth in seven days. But why do i pray and to who or what do i pray? To become a minister of religion you need brains yet spend every Sunday preaching to people who every week come to listen to rubbish, the red sea did not part there was no manger no burning bush no ten commandments waiting at the top of a mountain. But why do we feel the need to follow this. Why do all the radicals in the world use faith and religion as an excuse for their behaviour and as a reason to kill and maim?

Why do i still have faith, when i was ill no-one from my 'faith' came forward with words of wisdom, sympathy or help. Why when i cannot quote all ten commandments, the basis of the christian faith, do i still regard myself as christian?

When i was sitting next to my screaming wife as she lay on the bed in the labour room and i felt so helpless as the team of doctors and nurses fought for her life and gave up on the life of my unborn child i prayed to God for both of them. They are both here now. I don't what God i prayed to but something happened and i felt something i can only describe as faith.