Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Take me to an adventure

It’s a friendly place, a quiet friendly place

No need to explain yourself here everyone can tell

Everyone has the one connection here

All that knowledge and enjoyment neatly laid out

Old and new sit shoulder to shoulder their spines only giving a clue

A child’s giggle breaks the spell, a laugh from the children’s corner

Should we frown and shush?

No the enjoyment is there, the excitement of discovery

Understanding will come as they learn to immerse themselves in another world

Another world half created by a stranger, half by an endless imagination

Choices made, anticipation begins

Will you make me smile, will you make me cry, will you make me wonder?

You will take me to places far away, places I will only visit in my mind

Places I will remember for ever

Introduce to me new people, people I will like and people I will dislike

You will be mine for only a while, you will return to your home

Waiting patiently and silently for your next keeper

Hibernating until you awaken another mind.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Half a Hypochondriac

Goggle tells me I have the Black Death

My wife tells me I have a slight cough

TV news tells me I have Bird Flu

The kids tell me it’s the cold they had last week

A passer by tells me I have broken my ankle in six places

The kind A&E doctor tells me it’s a slight sprain

Men’s Health magazine tells me I have a fast growing skin Cancer

A shower tells me it was a bit of gravy from dinner

TV ad dentist tells me I have severe gum disease and all my teeth are falling out

Toothbrush tells me it was an apple skin

Gaviscon fireman tells me its heartburn

Post Mortem tells them all I should have exercised more, eaten less and not stressed so much about all the other things I thought I was going to die from.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Time to tell

I hang on the wall, you hate me, she loves me. She says it doesn't matter that I am never right, that I am pretty and blend in well. You say looks aren't everything and telling the truth is more important.

Peter out

Peter took a step through the gate paused and inhaled the air. Filling his lungs made him light headed, it was the fumes from the traffic but he convinced himself it was freedom. This was it, now was the time to act. Looking intently at the cars, waiting for a break. The cars became unfocused and the eyes of the drivers became some sort of traffic light system. To him they were all red, showing no emotion and no let up. Not one of them went green and gave him the go ahead.

Peter jumped, he felt like he had been given an electric shock. With a bump he returned to reality and stared at the old woman next to him, her hand still touching his elbow. The jumble of words formed a sentence, on auto pilot he nodded to the lady, mumbled thanks but hated her for this touch of kindness, so he headed in the opposite direction of the pedestrian crossing she had pointed out.

A bus created a break in the traffic as it collected its human cargo. Peter dashed across the road staring right not left not caring but analysing the bus instead of the traffic. It was big enough, would do the job but the human element was too great.

With a surprising clarity of mind he started walking, but with a feeling of being pulled towards something. The traffic grew heavier both pedestrians and vehicles but the way was always pointed out to him. A green light, a quieter side street but always heading towards a destination.

He felt he had arrived, didn’t know where he was but this was it. Detaching himself from the world, he stood. Mass humanity passed him by, the shops and offices spewing out people like some bomb scattering its shrapnel in every direction. Slowly it subsided and he became aware of why he had come here.

Pensively he looked around then slowly approached the railing. The cars thundered below, it was far enough below but he knew that although he couldn’t see them, the cars had eyes. Eyes that belonged to someone and eyes that were being waited for. Eyes that would not recover. Eyes that would not see the world in the same way again.

Peter then felt eyes looking at him so he set off again, being drawn somewhere again, time was nonexistent, he had all the time in the world.

The water was black and still. It looked like a huge reservoir of the black gold the city was famous for. It was peaceful and peaceful was good, this was it. There were no eyes in there; there were no eyes behind him. The sorry's had been said, the tears had dried, there was only a peacefulness that was all enveloping, it warmed him, it hugged him and it told him everything was going to be okay.

Peter turned suddenly, expecting the old lady to be touching his arm again. The eyes looked at him full of questions, questions he couldn’t answer. The eyes and arm led him to the van, still peaceful. As the door of the van gently slid closed Peter took a last breath of freedom. The next breath tasted different not free but safe. It was safe air he was breathing again. Safe because the eyes were human, connected to someone who didn’t deserve to feel like he felt.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Adrian Mole's Girlfriend

The light oak box looked inviting, perfectly proportioned. Key in the lock waiting to be opened, begging to be opened. The key felt warm to the touch strong and forceful. The click of the lock was assuring and welcoming. The lid almost opened itself, perfectly weighted and balanced. The bright silk lining whispering as fingers run over it. Tempting you to explore further, tempting you into dark corners then a snap like a dogs bark as the lid whacks shut. the key cold now, secrets and pleasures forever locked away.