Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Take me to an adventure

It’s a friendly place, a quiet friendly place

No need to explain yourself here everyone can tell

Everyone has the one connection here

All that knowledge and enjoyment neatly laid out

Old and new sit shoulder to shoulder their spines only giving a clue

A child’s giggle breaks the spell, a laugh from the children’s corner

Should we frown and shush?

No the enjoyment is there, the excitement of discovery

Understanding will come as they learn to immerse themselves in another world

Another world half created by a stranger, half by an endless imagination

Choices made, anticipation begins

Will you make me smile, will you make me cry, will you make me wonder?

You will take me to places far away, places I will only visit in my mind

Places I will remember for ever

Introduce to me new people, people I will like and people I will dislike

You will be mine for only a while, you will return to your home

Waiting patiently and silently for your next keeper

Hibernating until you awaken another mind.

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