Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Half a Hypochondriac

Goggle tells me I have the Black Death

My wife tells me I have a slight cough

TV news tells me I have Bird Flu

The kids tell me it’s the cold they had last week

A passer by tells me I have broken my ankle in six places

The kind A&E doctor tells me it’s a slight sprain

Men’s Health magazine tells me I have a fast growing skin Cancer

A shower tells me it was a bit of gravy from dinner

TV ad dentist tells me I have severe gum disease and all my teeth are falling out

Toothbrush tells me it was an apple skin

Gaviscon fireman tells me its heartburn

Post Mortem tells them all I should have exercised more, eaten less and not stressed so much about all the other things I thought I was going to die from.

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