Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Police get Blame!

So the police are to blame for the riots: Well that would have saved a lot of time and money on Christmas shopping this year.  Instead of spending half the time driving about looking at the speedo in the car to avoid a fine I should have driven like a maniac!  Then when they finally pulled me over , give them my shopping list and thank them for saving me the cost of a nights B&B. Clarkson gets all that bad press for not thinking before speaking but the journalist who wrote that headline should have had time to think before writing.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Smoking Ban in Cars

So doctors reckon they should now ban smoking in cars
I think they should spend their time doing something more productive.  Its not new news that smoking is bad for you or the effects of second hand smoke either.  So Mr Doctor go and find a cure for something that we get through no fault of our own.  When you have sorted that out pop down to your local A&E and offer to help out for a while.  In the A&E dept you will be happy because there will be a lot of people suffering from injuries caused by things you could ban. Alcohol, cars, power tools, everyday household objects, other people. BUt next time you suggest banning something and spend a lot of time looking into it please remember that you are a Doctor, Doctors fix people, Politicians decide to make laws about things, and you may have noticed that they struggle with the workload they have at the moment.  And one last thing the government has no money to fund the extra police to catch me smoking in my car because all the tax money from my cigarettes is helping to fund a couple of wars, a couple of poor countries and the NHS.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Occupy protests

What the politicians don't seem to realise is that everyone is angry at them because of their failure to deal with the bankers! We are all suffering in the recession because of the mistakes the banks and bankers made and have not been penalised for. The only people who seem unaffected by this is the higher up bankers still getting bonuses. Jobs are going people are suffering because of the greed of the banks and improper fiscal management of a few and they still walk free earning more money that we can dream of.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The next phase of my Blog

Instead of giving some people a piece of my mind I am going to try and give everyone all of it!

What appears here over the next little while might not suit everyone, but I am having a bit of a clear out upstairs so if you like it tell everyone and if you don't like it don't tell anyone!