Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mariage and toilets

I've been married just over 10 years, and my parents have been married 43 years. My Parents have lived in their house for 33 years, built in 1976 and we have lived in our house for 14 years, built in 1976. Now for the list;

Washing machine: Them 2 Us 4
Cooker: Them 2 Us 2 (looking for 3rd)
TV: Them 4 Us 5 (looking for 5th)
Video: Them 2 Us 5 (not working now not bothering with another)
DVD Player: Them 2 Us 4 (not working not sure what to get next!)
Fridge: Them 2 (1st still working as back up 43yr old and counting) Us 3
Sofa: Them 2 Us 3
Dining Table: Them 1 Us 1 (need another chairs given up)
Bathroom: Them 1 Us 2

Why after only replacing the bathroom about 5 years ago why has our toilet stopped flushing? I have just had to buy the whooshy things for inside (cascade syphon according to Jewsons). It wasn't expensive, less than £10, but I have to turn the water off, drain the tank, remove cistern from the wall fit this thing and put it all back together. Its a days work with the severe risk of flooding, swearing, mess and running to the In-laws to do you know what!

Someone at work has had to do the same and their toilet is about the same age. How much more expensive did the bathroom have to be to get a toilet that will work for ever. There is no micro chips in it to go wrong, just a bit of plastic.

Instead of having to buy expensive warranties on everything we buy we should be able to pay just a little more and get something that will last!

Rant over

Going to pour another bucket of water down bog!!!!!!!!
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